Mini Project : Lightbar


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A Ligthbar is originally the bar on top of a policecar that holds the lights and the siren. Nowadays it is the name of the whole construction that is mounted on top of a policecar or a rescue vehicle. The first lights that were mounted on policecars were red lights that were constantly on but they didn't stand out very much. Later a rotating mirror was mounted inside the light to give it a blinking effect. This light was still mounted directly on the roof of a policecar. After that two lights were mounted on a bar often together with a siren. The color of the lights was not always red anymore but could also be blue or a combination of red and blue. The lights were blinking in a little bit different frequency, for instance 176rpm and 183rpm, so the lights didn't have a constant blinking pattern. The frequency of 180rpm calculates down to 3 flashes a second. Later the Lightbar had still 2 lights and two rotating mirrors but by the addition of extra fixed mirrors it seemed that three lights were flashing after each other.

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