I2C LCD Display on Arduino

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The MEEPS I2C LCD display can be connected to the Arduino easily. In this example we use an Arduino Duemilanove. The +5V is connected to 5V of the Arduino, The Gnd to the Gnd. SDA goes to Analog IN 4, SCL goes to Analog IN 5. For the rest only RESET to RESET and INT to 2 (INT0). The INT doesn't do anything in this circuit but it is recommended to connect it anyway, if you interconnect more MEEPS boards it could be that a following board needs the INT connection. The following code is enough to drive the MEEPS I2C LCD Display. A curiosity is that the setting is used for an LCD display of 40 characters and 2 lines, the LCD display is driven by a KS0066 controller that normally can drive up to 40 characters a line. The second line begins with character 40 because of this construction, that's why you use this setting.


#include <Wire.h>
#include <LCDI2C4Bit.h>

int MCP23008 = B0100000; // MCP23008 address A0=0 A1=0 A2=0

LCDI2C4Bit lcd = LCDI2C4Bit(MCP23008,2,40);

void setup()
  lcd.printIn(" & Parts");

void loop()