I2C LCD Display

An LCD display that fits on the MEEPS formfactor of 50mm x 80mm, is that possible? Sure it is... The MEEPS I2C LCD Display has 2 lines of 8 characters each and is driven by the MCP23008 I/O Expander of Microchip. On the PCB a potentiometer  to adjust the contrast and jumpers for the I2C address (green) and to terminate the I2C bus and the RESET and INT lines (red). The circuit is compatible with the Arduino LCDI2C4Bit library so this board can be used with the Arduino easily. The only difference is that the backlight cannot be controlled, it is always switched on. The LCD display on the picture looks a little wierd but that's because the protective foil is still on it. The MEEPS boards with conventional (Through Hole) components could be soldered easily but the SMD versions is more of a challange for a lot of people, that's why the MEEPS I2C LCD Display is sold completely built and tested.