TQFP32 Breakout

More and more IC's are no longer manufactured in DIL housing but only in SMD. There are simple breakout board to solder these SMD IC's in for instance to use them on a breadboard or to be used with prototype boards. But then? Almost every IC needs some external components, one or more decoupling capacitors, pullup resistors for the reset. Fallback on through hole capacitors and resistors? To solve this problem within MEEPS this TQFP32 Breakout board was designed. You can fit a staggering 15x 0805 components, 2x SOT23-6 (or SOT23 or SOT23-5) components, 2x SMD Electrolytic Capacitors, 1x Crystal with accompanying capacitors. A microcontroller like the ATmega328 can be easily mounted on it together with alle needed extra components. Loyal MEEPS users will nitice that the 1mm pins are replaced by normal headerstrips. For use on SMD boards the 1mm pins simply were too big. The needed connectors for these headerpins are available in the Meeps & Parts webstore.